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Thursday, December 3, 2015

#It’s a Hippieque World

Music Composed by Anshuman Bhattacharya | Lyrics and Voice by Hrishitaa Sharma | Mixed and Mastered at Promethean Studios | Shot by Harshit Sohu | Video Edited by Chirag Chaddha


Seldom have we had a thought, an idea, a breakthrough that directs us towards a path. It is scary to start something new and even scarier NOT to! We can push ourselves to believe ‘this is not the right time’ or confine ourselves to the current reality shutting out the possibility of this space to grow but honestly, it is never too late! Take it from the person who had ‘The Hippieque’ tucked away in her list of things to do for more than 2 years. So one fine day I decided that I cannot contain this any longer in my mind, I need to set it free and let it come to life. So if you have a longing to do something, anything, that you have been keeping away, just try getting out of your schedule or your realm of excuses and go forth. Things will spontaneously fall into place; rather make way for it to succeed.


With the spirit of a free soul, a keeper of progressive and independent thoughts, The Hippieque takes to ‘Hipster’ to partially define it. Conforming to the style with a certain touch of panache and poise, The Hippieque embraces ‘Chic’ and together The Hippieque comes to life with both these elements keeping it glorious and grounded at the same time! To come to think of it, we live in a hippieque world where every person has an element of opposing the norm and breaking free to ‘breathe,’ also exhibiting an innate ‘grace’ of functioning. The Hippieque is in every one of you. You just need to embrace, love and flaunt it!


Hope you like it! Welcome to The Hippieque world!

Friday, October 23, 2015


Dog-2-Figo Dog-3-Gunda Dog-4-neo

dog-5-xeena-change Dog-6-drogo Dog-7-Thea Dog-8-meenal end-dog


Directed, Produced and Music by Hrishitaa Sharma | Video Edited by Ravi Java | Agency: Kreaserv


I promised you all that The Hippieque is coming up with a Diwali campaign soon, and here I am keeping my word. This Diwali, I will not tell you how to dress up, I will not tell you what’s trending in ethnic wear or even how to create an ethnic ensemble from your current clothes. But I will address the elephant in the room (or should I say ‘Dog’ in the room). Every year countless number of animals get affected during our festivities of Diwali. Among them is the man’s best friend. But what is a man doing to comfort them that day?

Every year while we are getting ready for the festival of lights,
We forget to notice our dog’s plight.
We see their remorseful eyes but we shrug it off with a cuddle
And the poor dog is left all alone in this hurdle.
They hide under the bed or curl away in a corner,
They still wag their tail for the happiness of their owner.
A sound of a cracker makes them scared for their life,
With disorientation, deafness, loss of appetite, how will they survive?
We have no right to call ourselves a dog lover or an animal person
Till we do our bit for this impact to lessen.

So make the right choice here and make Diwali what it’s really meant to be – a celebration of lights and not devastation of animal lives. Because you know, if the roles were reversed, they’d do it for you!

PS: HAPPY DIWALI everyone! Thanking all the 11 dogs and their owners for their support. And thanking every one in advance who choose to #BeTheirHero this Diwali.

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