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There are times in life, when something calls out to you. For a traveler, it is the longing to escape to the beaches/mountains. For a stylist, it is the thrifted treasure that would’ve costed less than two hundred rupees but would be valued more than the five thousand rupees shoes bought from Steve Maddens. For a designer, it is the new print that is making a wave of revelation in the mind. For a writer it is that space, where you find the rhythm to your words.

The Hippieque is my longing, it is as precious as a thrifted treasure, it is the print that inspires me and the space that drives me to create.

The Hippieque (Hipster + Chic) is an amalgamation of concepts that imbibes the spirit of freedom and poise, emulated via personal style, rad fashion trends and travel escapades! This inspired web space emotes the many flairs of Hrishitaa Sharma, 23, model/stylist/singer. Since childhood, owing to her Army background, she travelled extensively both within and beyond India. The penchant of travelling did not escape her even after her Masters in Communication and Journalism from the Mumbai University and it unseals her to diverse cultures and ethnicities. After a career in digital marketing, she dabbled in freelance styling projects, playback singing and modeling. She ached to create a platform where her creative aspects can meet the world and displace her sense of style to many and be inspired by many to breed extraordinarily in the creative sphere. The hippieque is her ensemble of style, travel and inspiration that she derives from the minutest of elements around her.