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Monday, October 24, 2016

October 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016

BeTheirSuperhero Too!

#BeTheirSuperhero too! #BeTheirSuperhero too! #BeTheirSuperhero too! #BeTheirSuperhero too! #BeTheirSuperhero too! #BeTheirSuperhero too! #BeTheirSuperhero too!

Shot by: Harshit Sohu | Music by: Anshuman & Hrishitaa | Video editing by: Antich


The Diwali campaign that got your massive love and support in 2015 is back! Last year, you all really made a big difference by pledging to #BeTheirSuperhero and sharing your own pet’s pictures and the love you have for your little best friends. This year, as Diwali is just around the corner, we bring out the big guns (rather the cute guns) and urge you to celebrate this festival of lights, noise-free.

Last year, the dogs had a special message for you’ll and this time us (the dog owners and the dog lovers) have a message for our four-legged superheroes who’re in our homes or even outside on the streets! For all the times they were our superhero…we thank them and pledge to step up our game this Diwali and be their shields!

Make sure you share the video and spread the word so like last year, this year you #BeTheirSuperhero too!

Thanking all the dogs and the dog owners who came together to be a part of this campaign and everybody who actually cares for our little fellas during Diwali. Wishing you all a joyous Diwali!

Big love!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Pump Up The Basics!

Bump Up The BasicsBump Up The BasicsBump Up The BasicsBump Up The Basics

Bump Up The BasicsBump Up The Basics Bump Up The Basics

Photography: Vincent King || Sneakers: Adidas Originals Superstars | Skort: Koovs | Top: Hippieque | Ring: Thrifted


I’ve never been the great minimalist when it comes to my personal style (for those who really know me, know this very well about me!). Perhaps I never grew out of the ‘dressing up’ phase. But all said and done, I do understand the essentials of basics; speaking of which one needs to own a good pair of white sneaks! I know Adidas Superstars are no new launch but somehow like half a billion people around the globe, I’m a huge fan of them!


Sticking to my vibrant palette, I choose a cut-out coral top and paired it with this skort (yes, that’s a thing now!). You could style this skort with a monochrome top as well but (like in life) I chose colour! To keep up with the atheleisure trend just make sure to take stripes and pair them up with the right kind of sneakers. Yes, that’s my secret to rocking this trend! If you’ve already got your hands on these Superstars, then take inspiration from some guys who really style them a level up! (Like me!)

Style them with your gym clothes like it’s the norm!

Goes well with military green and short skirts!

Missing NY extra today ? #sickofboston

A photo posted by Joyce Dahjung Yoo (@bundleofj0yce) on

Pair em’ up with your go-to LBD!

Work it with some prints!

Accessorise them with your cape!

Oh Sunny Day … ☀️☀️☀️ #Georgetown

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They are also the best buds of your ripped jeans!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Reverie Reign – #HippiequeTravels To Palolem (Goa)

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Photography: Harshit Sohu || Shoot location: Ciarans (Palolem) || Outfit: Hippieque | Floral head gear : Topshop

Goa is not just a destination, it’s a state of mind! From rhythmic ocean waves to soothing sand manicures, friendly locals to raging firangs…this place really has it all. This post was unconsciously tucked away in one of the “shoot folders.” Only when I was planning my next Goa trip did I remember to visit these pictures and finally decided to blog. So it’s safe to say that this post is a reverie flashback! After a peaceful stroll at the white sand beach of Palolem, I got back to my comfortable beach view hut at the Ciarans and decided to do a quick photo shoot. Impromptu shoots are the best!

This post is also my very first #HippiequeTravels post! Personally, my favourite part of Goa is a small beach called as Palolem located in South of Goa. This beach use to be one of not-so-known beaches 5-6 years back and thus was an untouched paradise. Today it’s the cool concoction of Baga street madness with Ashwem’s beautiful sand stretch. Palolem has it’s own street shopping lane before you enter the beach (Pro tip: Haggle the hell outta the vendors) and it also has some amazing on-the-beach shacks/bars that will guarantee the best night of your life (I vouch for it!). Palolem also has Silent Noise – The Club, it’s India’s first club that has an all head-phones party! So you come to the club, put on a pair of headphones, select the kind of music you want to groove to and watch other people do the same. The coolest part is when you take off your head phones and watch people around you go crazy with absolutely no music! LOL. Here are few other reasons why I love South Goa over the over-commercialized North Goa.

It’s drop dead beautiful white sand beach

With cute eateries/bars with cool graffiti walls (calling all the art junkies)

You can enjoy your poison and still feel like you’re in heaven!

You can rent out a float and chill on the gentle waves

Killer location for photo shoots a.k.a making digital memories!

So since we’re on the verge of bidding the dreadful monsoons goodbye. I have booked my tickets for Goa in the coming month. See ya there amigos!