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Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 2016

Sunday, November 6, 2016

So Laid Back

So Laid Back So Laid Back So Laid Back So Laid Back So Laid Back So Laid Back So Laid Back So Laid Back

Photography: Rishabh Maliwar || Bralette : Zivame | Singlet: Colaba Causeway | Belt: H&M | Jeans: Forever 21 | Shoes: Adidas Superstars

Impromptu shoots are the best! And yes, this too was one of those spur- of-the-moment kinda shoots. If you follow me on my social media, you’d actually witness the fun we had shooting this look. From endless laughter due to uncomfortable posing (I don’t know how Kim Kardashian does it!) to squinting eyes due to the harsh sunlight, this shoot was such a delight! Also, because my photographer Rishab is the sweetest guy ever!

Coming to the look, a straight up casual OOTD consisted of a pair of trusted denims with a boho-printed singlet over a bralette. A black belt and a pair of cool kicks were just what I needed to accessorise the look for the day. Such a sporty meets sexy kinda look is the safest bet for a Friday, I’d say. So tell me how much you liked this look by commenting below.

xx until next time!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Festive Season Is The Reason

Happy Diwali Happy Diwali f4 Happy Diwali Happy Diwali Happy Diwali

Photography: Natasha Kishore || Hair & Makeup : Eashwar Log | Anarkali: The Hippieque | Earrings: Colaba Causeway

There is really no festival like Diwali. The festival not only illuminates our home but also showers us with gifts, relatives (who make time to come and visit) and loads of sweets (did I mention my love for kheer?). To dress up for so much fun is another task! Isn’t it? So out came my favourite anarkali. I know that we’re supposed to wear something new on this day but the new things I bought were far away from anything traditional (blame it on H&M!).

So this look is all about the regal vibes. Since the outfit in itself is so dressy with all the different kinds of work on it, I chose to go with just a pair of statement jhumkas. That’s all the accessory this look needed! A pair of my current favourite footwear (yes, I’m obsessed with juttis!) completed the look with ease.

So share with me how you celebrate Diwali and most importantly, what did you wear?!

Since we’re about to dive into the festive season (not to mention the grand wedding season) here are some ethnic inspiration you can grab.

1. All shine

2. Embellished elegance

3. Busy prints for the win

4. The cape story

5. Sari not sorry

6. All-white everything!

Loving this ✨✨✨ @malaikaarorakhanofficial in @taruntahiliani #diwaliishere #stylist #stylefile

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Monday, October 24, 2016

BeTheirSuperhero Too!

#BeTheirSuperhero too! #BeTheirSuperhero too! #BeTheirSuperhero too! #BeTheirSuperhero too! #BeTheirSuperhero too! #BeTheirSuperhero too! #BeTheirSuperhero too!

Shot by: Harshit Sohu | Music by: Anshuman & Hrishitaa | Video editing by: Antich


The Diwali campaign that got your massive love and support in 2015 is back! Last year, you all really made a big difference by pledging to #BeTheirSuperhero and sharing your own pet’s pictures and the love you have for your little best friends. This year, as Diwali is just around the corner, we bring out the big guns (rather the cute guns) and urge you to celebrate this festival of lights, noise-free.

Last year, the dogs had a special message for you’ll and this time us (the dog owners and the dog lovers) have a message for our four-legged superheroes who’re in our homes or even outside on the streets! For all the times they were our superhero…we thank them and pledge to step up our game this Diwali and be their shields!

Make sure you share the video and spread the word so like last year, this year you #BeTheirSuperhero too!

Thanking all the dogs and the dog owners who came together to be a part of this campaign and everybody who actually cares for our little fellas during Diwali. Wishing you all a joyous Diwali!

Big love!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Pump Up The Basics!

Bump Up The BasicsBump Up The BasicsBump Up The BasicsBump Up The Basics

Bump Up The BasicsBump Up The Basics Bump Up The Basics

Photography: Vincent King || Sneakers: Adidas Originals Superstars | Skort: Koovs | Top: Hippieque | Ring: Thrifted


I’ve never been the great minimalist when it comes to my personal style (for those who really know me, know this very well about me!). Perhaps I never grew out of the ‘dressing up’ phase. But all said and done, I do understand the essentials of basics; speaking of which one needs to own a good pair of white sneaks! I know Adidas Superstars are no new launch but somehow like half a billion people around the globe, I’m a huge fan of them!


Sticking to my vibrant palette, I choose a cut-out coral top and paired it with this skort (yes, that’s a thing now!). You could style this skort with a monochrome top as well but (like in life) I chose colour! To keep up with the atheleisure trend just make sure to take stripes and pair them up with the right kind of sneakers. Yes, that’s my secret to rocking this trend! If you’ve already got your hands on these Superstars, then take inspiration from some guys who really style them a level up! (Like me!)

Style them with your gym clothes like it’s the norm!

Goes well with military green and short skirts!

Missing NY extra today ? #sickofboston

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Pair em’ up with your go-to LBD!

Work it with some prints!

Accessorise them with your cape!

Oh Sunny Day … ☀️☀️☀️ #Georgetown

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They are also the best buds of your ripped jeans!

Monday, September 5, 2016

When In Doubt, Denim It Out!

Denim it out Denim it out Denim it out Denim it out Denim it out Denim it out

Photography by Vincent King | Sexy Model Credits : Goofy ‘The Golden Retriever’
Shoes: Adidas Originals Superstars | Distressed denims: Thrifted | Plaid singlet: H&M | Denim dacket: Asos| Choker: Forever21


If you find a girl who lives in her jeans then just marry her! I’d like to believe that girls who opt for denims over anything else are more composed in life. They have that stability with a hint of adventure that makes them irresistible. Now before you think this is a ‘paid’ blog post for Levi’s or diesel, lemme say NO, it’s not! Denims are a state of mind, a beautiful, adventurous and wild state of mind that every girl should be in.

With the denim-on-denim trend hitting the streets since a while now, I couldn’t think of a cooler go-to style! So I thought let me put together a fundamental denim-on-denim look that can be worn for picnic, shopping, to friend’s house, movies… basically anywhere!

All you need-

1) Well fitted pair of denims (the more distressed the better!)
2) A plaid shirt/ singlet (because plaid is another chic trend that is going no where any time soon)
3) A white pair of sneakers (what’s better than the Adidas Originals superstar?)
4) A black choker ( Again a HUGE trend right now!)
5) Denim state of mind!

This is pretty much the simplest look to nail all the current trends. Even Mr.Goofy approves! (Yes, I am aware that my dog looks cuter than me) So hope you’ll go back to your throwback days and motivate yourself to fit into your favourite pair of jeans because – when in doubt, just denim it out!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Not My First But My Best – Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive ’16

Kareena Kapoor Khan for Sabyasachi

Kareena Kapoor Khan for Sabyasachi


The madness takes place twice a year and I am glad to say that ‘I am not a new victim of this!’ Lakme Fashion Week has always been something I look forward to as there is so much creativity, drama and inspiring people you get to meet. Apart from months of preparation from the designer’s side there are so much efforts put together from so many teams. Right from the logistic team, to the choreographers, models, PR people and basically everyone who is not coming to just ‘attend’ the show!

And this time around I too attended the fashion week with a mission on my mind – keeping up with the MissMalini fashion squad! So slaying like a girl boss was my only option. It all started when I was to interview the designer maven Tarun Tahiliani before his opening show at LFW. He was one of the designers I had never met and if you see him from far away, you will not peg him to be a chillian-like-a-villian kinda guy. But like always the universe surprised me and how!


Tarun’s show was spectacular to say the least and I was so excited to see how the rest of the days will go if the opening show was THIS good! So for the next day I got all dressed up to officially see all the shows back to back and enjoy all the madness in between.

Shoes- Adidas Originals Superstars | Skirt - | Cold shoulder top - H&M | Choker - gifted

Shoes- Adidas Originals Superstars | Skirt – | Cold shoulder top – H&M | Choker – gifted

That day I also met the gorgeous Lara Dutta Bhupati and had a fun chat with her:

Besides the interview there were some shows that were the major highlights of the day. Aartivijay Gupta‘s gorgeous pastel vibes, Doodlage‘s funky patch-work, Gaurang Shah‘s celebration of the great Indian spirit and Suhani Pittie‘s inspiring ‘Nowhere people’ collection really hit the spot. (Hope you guys saw my live updates on Snapchat and Instagram).

The fashion week was racing and before I could blink, came the last day of the show with all the amazing designers and Sabyasachi as the grand finale. So I decided to dress the part, by wearing something I designed myself a while back from my mom’s old shawl.

OOTD: Shoes- Adidas Originals Superstars | Skirt- The Hippieque | Body chain: Top Shop (Dubai) | Shirt: Marks & Spencer

OOTD: Shoes- Adidas Originals Superstars | Skirt- The Hippieque | Body chain: Top Shop (Dubai) | Shirt: Marks & Spencer

And the skirt was a big hit! Even Shilpa Shetty Kundra complimented me on the skirt (she got me blushing!). Even though I knew that I will see more than enough people wearing the superstars but I choose comfort over standing apart from the crowd (sue me! Meh.)

Started the last day with a super cool chat with Illeana D’cruz:

And then Prachi Desai:

And no, interviewing celebrities was not even on my list of to-do things just FYI. The interviews were like a snack break in between the shows where I got feasting on the show stopper’s dress! The shows that I absolutely loved were Riddhi Mehra, Swati Vijayvargie, Anushree Reddy and the quirky Kunal Rawal. Speaking of Kunal, I shared a rather cozy moment with him and his show stopper – Ranbir Kapoor (burnnnnn ladies! BURRN!)

I swear to god I wished this interview never ended!

Right after the show I rushed back upstairs to quickly change for a much bigger cause than Ranbir’s hug – Sabyasachi’s grand finale! So I ditched the traditional-school-girl look and got my glam mode on in this number.

Shoes: Top Shop (Dubai) | Skirt worn as a dress: Thrifted | Hair - Esther | Makeup - Eshwar Log

Shoes: Top Shop (Dubai) | Skirt worn as a dress: Thrifted | Hair – Esther | Makeup – Eshwar Log

Since I had no time to prep my closet up with LFW approved clothes, I hung an old pleat skirt as a one-shoulder dress and added these tan peep-toes and voilaaa! Ready for my second row seat (which is a HUGE deal just FYI) at Sabyasachi’s grand finale.

Stage at Sabyasachi Grand Finale

Stage at Sabyasachi Grand Finale

The show began with a 40 piece orchestra from the Symphony Of India Orchestra which played live during the entire show. As the stage lit up with models glittering in Sabyasachi magic, I had more than just butterflies in my stomach.

And then came the moment we were all waiting for – Kareena Kapoor Khan looking glorious in a masterpiece of an attire. Impeccably regal and glowing, the stage could have gone brighter with Ms Kapoor’s charms.

Kareena Kapoor Khan for Sabyasachi

Kareena Kapoor Khan for Sabyasachi

And this fairy tale ended soon but the memories of such a spectacle will always be in my heart!

Kareena Kapoor Khan for Sabyasachi

Kareena Kapoor Khan for Sabyasachi